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You can't use CCTV to spy on your neighbours but if you want to keep an eye on your property then Bingo - you're in luck!Don't worry - if your name's not Bingo it doesn't matter - we can still help.


25th MAY 2018


The General Date Protection Regulations come into force on the 25th May 2018.
It will impact any business that collects & holds personal data in either paper or electronic form.
From that date, the potential fine for non-compliance will also increase, with fines of up to €20m or 4% of annual turnover – whichever is higher.
If you’re not already on top of your responsibilities, safeguard your business now by following our proven solution to GDPR compliance.

Allow ALNCOM to simplify the whole process.

Begin your journey to becoming compliant here

'I came across Alncom in 2015 just after I discovered that the nearest cabinet for super-fast broadband (which passes about 1m from my front wall on its way from Hexham to Fourstones) was too far away to allow a connection to my home. I had just become self-employed and the expectation of faster broadband suddenly disappeared. The prospect of working from home with the then available 1-2Mbits/Sec seemed depressing and unsustainable. I phoned I-northumberland, asked them what the options were, and they informed me of a number of suppliers who might be able to help. When I phoned Alncom, I discovered an alternative. With the use of clever wireless devices beamed across the valley, a connection from an Openreach cabinet in a nearby village could reach an aerial on the side of my house. Eventually, with the cooperation of a couple of other small businesses in similar circumstances in the village, we joined together in a group to share a connection. Over the last year we have enjoyed a connection to the internet usually delivering 20-30 mbits/s. Videoconferences and software updates, and cloud based services all work briskly. Marvellous. Dr Nick Booth CIO for Connected Health Cities North-East and North Cumbria, Senior Health Informatics Advisor, Newcastle University, (Institute of Health and Society).'

Dr Nick Booth


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